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Dr. Natalie Tucker




Pulaski County Superior Court

110 East Meridian Street

Winamac, IN 46996

PHONE: 574-946-3371


The mission of the Pulaski County Veterans Treatment Court is to reduce criminal activity and enhance public safety through intensive supervised substance use and mental health programing as a fiscally responsible means of supporting and encouraging justice-involved veterans recovery and to become an active and purposeful citizen.


The Pulaski County Veterans Treatment Court (PCVTC) was created in 2018 and gained full certification in 2019 and 2020.   The PCVTC was created in order to provide an alternative to traditional case processing for veterans.  This 12-36-month program targets non-violent misdemeanors and felony drug offenders.  The program is voluntary, but participants are supervised intensively at all phases of the program. The program has multiple phases that must be achieved in order to keep moving through the program.  In many cases, successful completion of PCVTC will result in: (1) a reduced sentence imposed in your case, i.e. no jail time or no probation; or (2) a reduction or dismissal of the original charge.


A Veteran is defined as a current or former member of the active duty military, national guard, or reserves without consideration to deployment status, combat experience, legal veteran status or GI Bill use.


Veteran offenders may be referred to the Pulaski County Veterans Treatment Court by a Judge, defense attorney, probation officer, Jail staff, self-referral, family member, or the prosecutor.  The referral is reviewed by the prosecutor prior to full application.  The referral process (step 1) and application process (step 2) takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.  The PCVTC coordinator will contact you directly and/or work with your attorney through the referral/application process.   Both the referral form and the military history form must be completed in their entirety in order to be reviewed.


The Pulaski County Veterans Treatment Court also consists of a veteran mentor program that is part of this court process. 


Veteran Mentors provide advice, personal experiences, recommendations and guidance to veterans. Many of our Veteran Mentors are drawn from a number of veteran’s service organizations, the community and government organizations. Veteran Mentors include but are not limited to those who have served in peacetime, Vietnam, Desert Storm/Shield, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.


The Veteran Mentor relationship promotes and fosters, through encouragement, a “can do” attitude in the veteran; the veteran becomes motivated to accomplish his or her goals in treatment, feels that he or she is not alone and knows that the mentor and the Court are there for them. If you have an interest in applying to serve as a mentor or want to learn more about the mentor program, please contact the Pulaski County Superior Court. 

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