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Client Application

Please complete this form so we can gather information for potential clients. This form needs to be completely filled out and submitted as soon as possible. Interviews must be scheduled via phone, 574-732-2515, and completed at least two weeks prior to sentencing.  If your court date is more than 30 days away, please submit your application and schedule your interview as soon as possible. Please attach charging information, police reports, and potential plea agreement.


Disclaimer: Submission of an application does not guarantee review or acceptance into the program. Applications submitted by attorneys with plea agreements including a community corrections sentence are prioritized. Please know that the final determination regarding placement into Community Corrections is made by the Court. 

Upload File
Upload File
Do I qualify for possible placement in Community Corrections Programming?
Eligibility Requirements Include But Are Not Limited To:
  • Residential Stability

  • Financial Ability to Pay Program Fees

  • Employment

  • Have had no history or escape or absconding

  • Have no active warrants, holds or detainers

List of Factors That Disqualify Potential Clients from Community Corrections:
  • Multiple convictions involving violence, weapons, or criminal sexual acts

  • History of escape or absconding

  • History of violating or being revoked from Community Corrections

  • Outstanding Balance owed to Community Corrections

  • Active warrant, hold or detainer

  • Substantial risk of flight, risk to victim and public safety

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