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Public and victim safety is always a priority at Cass/Pulaski Community Corrections. There are two automated services in Indiana that allow you to track the custody status of offenders who are incarcerated. By registering with either of these programs, you can be notified by phone or e-mail if the custody status of the offender changes. For offenders held locally at the Cass County Jail, you may register at the time of arrest using the Vinelink Program. Offenders who have been sentenced to the Indiana Department of Correction can be tracked utilizing the Indiana Savin Program. For assistance registering with either of these programs or if you have questions or concerns regarding a resident please contact us or our local victim advocate.

Helpful Links for Victim Assistance and Notification:

Cass/Pulaski Community Corrections has a ZERO tolerance policy for sexual assault

and is a PREA compliant facility. 


How to report a sexual assault:





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