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User Fees by Component or Services
Community Service

Up to 25 community service hours ordered - $25.00

Up to 50 community service hours ordered - $50.00

Up to 75 community service hours ordered - $75.00

Up to 100 community service hours ordered or more - $100.00

Pretrial Services GPS Monitoring 

$3.00 per day

Home Detention
(Intensive Juvenile Supervision)

GPS Rate: $11per day

Disability Low Income Rate: $11 per day

Indigent Rate: $0

Community Transition Program

 $7.00 per day – Once Employed

Home Detention

GPS Rate: $16 per day

Disability/Low Income: $11per day

Indigent Rate: $0


Work Release

$22.00 per day - Once Employed

·  GPS while on work release is an additional $4.00 per day.

·  Commissary, laundry and telephone rates are applied as contracted by way of venders.


Transfer Fee

$100.00 fee to transfer clients out of Cass and Pulaski County

Drug Screen Fees

Witham Toxicology:

· Five (5) Panel - $16.00

· Eight (8) Panel - $17.00

· Twelve (12) - $20.00

·  Oral Swab - $29.00

· Instant Screen - $10.00

       *If an instant screen indicates a positive result for an illegal substance the sample  will be forwarded to Witham Toxicology for confirmation. Said screen will not result in an “Instant Rate” charge. Only the “Panel Rate” charge will apply.

      *All assigned fees are two dollars above department cost. Testing for synthetic substances, EKG to be added at rate of cost of vendor.

Special Stipulations

The Director has the discretion to waive or modify the aforementioned fees on a case by case basis.

Work Release

It is the intent of the Department to not hold clients responsible for fees until employment is secured.

Work Release/Home Detention

It is the intent of the Department to not allow clients to be released from programs at their Earliest Possible Release (EPR) date unless all user fees are paid. Special circumstances apply. If clients are in arrearages by their EPR date the Department will carry out a Conduct Adjust Board (CAB) hearing. If it is found the client has had the means to pay user fees and has failed to do so then good time credit can and may be reinstated within department policy. The Department would not charge clients daily fees after the date of said hearing. Once all fees are secured the client will be released from the program. The intent of the Department is to recoup user fees owed up to the client’s scheduled EPR date.

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