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  • What are the benefits of Community Corrections?
    Planning - The offender learns to plan their day, usually for the first time in their life. Accountability - The offender learns to be accountable for their time and actions. Public Safety - Programs provide for intensive supervision and services so the safety of the community is not compromised. Sentencing Options - The judiciary is given several additional sentencing options in which they can better address the rehabilitative needs of the individual offender. Cost-Effective - Programs are less expensive than traditional incarceration, saving valuable tax dollars. Preventative - The offender can obtain treatment that will assist in breaking the cycle of criminal activity. Family Stability - The offender is able to meet their family obligations, and the family unit can remain intact.
  • Where do I pay my fees?
    Clients can pay their fees using the Stellar Tellar Kiosk in the vestibule or by mailing in a money order.
  • How often do I need to charge my GPS device?
    Please charge for one hour in morning and one hour in evening. Do not charge while sleeping.
  • What do the lights on my GPS device mean?
    Responding to Vibration/Flashing LEDs The device will vibrate three times consecutively when in violation. Look at the LEDs on top of the 1-Piece device and follow the steps outlined below. Red PWR Charge the 1-Piece. When fully charged, the 1-Piece will vibrate once and the PWR LED will be solid green. Disconnect the 1-Piece from the charger. Red GPS Uncover the device and walk outside. Find an area with a clear view of the sky (do not stand under trees, building awnings, etc.). When the violation has cleared, the GPS LED will turn off. Red ZONE Either leave the location (where you are not permitted to be) or go to the location where you are scheduled to be (work, school, etc.). When the violation has cleared, the ZONE LED will turn off. Red PWR, GPS, and ZONE The officer has sent an alert to the device, requesting that you contact them as soon as possible. Press the Acknowledge button on top of the 1-Piece to acknowledge the alert. The GPS and ZONE LEDs will turn off and the PWR LED will continue to flash.
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