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Looking Back- A Review of 2020: Annual Reports

While COVID-19 did present challenges, both Cass/Pulaski Community Corrections

and Pretrial Services not only remained operational during the pandemic, but also were able to meet several of our goals and leverage our services to meet the needs of our local community and criminal justice system. Below are some of the highlights from our Annual Reports and accomplishments from 2020. You can find the full reports here.

  • CPCC reduced department expenses by identifying and securing a savings of approximately $65,000 a year by changing electronic monitoring and inmate phone vendors and partnering with the Cass County Sheriff’s Department to provide resident meals.

  • CPCC transferred the IACCAC Residential Facility Audit to a digital format with attachments and interactive hyperlinks to facilitate remote audits.

  • In March of 2020, in collaboration with Cass County Pretrial Services, CPCC launched a mass text message to distribute motivational and informational texts to clients, as well as distribute electronic exit and satisfaction surveys, in addition to launching our interactive website in the Fall and transitioning to e-filing.

  • Cass County Pretrial Services passed the milestone of enrolling their 100th client in March 2020, then their 150th client in October 2020 and diverted over at $1,000,000 in local incarceration and juvenile detention expenses.

We both would like to acknowledge that we could not have continued to grow during these difficult times, without the support of the Advisory Board, Judiciary, Cass County Commissioners and Council and members of our local Criminal Justice System.

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