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2022 Annual Reports Highlight Expanded Services & Continued Growth

2022 was a busy year for both, Cass/Pulaski Community Corrections and Cass County Court & Pretrial Services. Below are some of the highlights from our Annual Reports that you can read here.

  • Both Community Corrections and Pretrial Services launched live data dashboards where stakeholders and the community can view real-time data regarding our performance metrics, program participation and cost savings.

  • Cass County Court & Pretrial Services became the 11th county in Indiana to receive full certification from the Indiana Office of Court Services in April 2022.

  • Both Agencies, along with Cass County Juvenile Probation, began using the ACCI Corrections eCourse CBT LifeSkills Curriculum & LifeSkills Link Learning Platform. ACCI is a validated, EBP & CBT program that includes over 15 interactive courses, averaging 10-15 hours long, including Substance Abuse, DUI, Domestic Violence and Cognitive Awareness.

  • Community Corrections further expanded services offered by introducing CareyBits electronic tools, Tools on Devices, that assists case managers in providing more evidence- based therapeutic interventions during their appointments.

  • Cass County Pretrial Services saw a 21% increase in clients served, serving a record number of 228 client in one calendar year, while maintaining performance metrics and diverting over $980,000 in incarceration expenses.

We both would like to acknowledge that we could not have continued to grow and expand our services, without the support of the Advisory Board, Judiciary, Cass County Commissioners and Council, members of our local Criminal Justice System, IOCS and IDOC.

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