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Renovations Underway!

The greatly anticipated renovations of the Community Corrections Work Release Facility are underway. Since 2020, due to the lack of isolation cells, the women’s’ dorm at the Cass/Pulaski Community Corrections Facility has been closed to allow us to temporarily isolate sick and new residents before integrating them into the population. In the summer of 2021, the Cass County Commissioners committed to contributing to the renovation of the entire Community Corrections Facility to allow for expansion and the addition of two isolation cells, to support the reopening of the Women’s Dorm and bring the Men's Dorm back to full capacity. Adult Probation Department will move into the Health Department’s existing office, once they have finished transitioning to their new Smith Street Location. This will provide CPCC with room to expand and renovate office space and the current infrastructure to support full reopening.

In addition to isolation cells, the agency, will also have a new classroom with the capability to connect to the Cass and Pulaski County Jails to facilitate joint therapeutic classes and to allow remote home detention clients to participate virtually. Individual therapy/conference rooms will be added were clients can work independently on virtual programming or participate in video visitation or counseling sessions. Lastly, we are excited to announce the addition of a computer lab were residents can work on their ACCI CBT eCourses.

Interior renovations started in both existing classrooms in January, with a temporary classroom being created upstairs so programming classes can continue as normal. Renovations in office spaces are scheduled to begin in March with a full reopening scheduled for July 1, 2023. We are excited to fully reopen and not only return operations to normal, but also with an improved facility that allows us to better serve our clients and community. Check back for additional updates and pictures.

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