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Third Annual Overdose Awareness Event Sponsored by 4th Dimension Recovery Homes

In honor of October being Overdose Awareness Month, 4th Dimension Recovery Homes (4DRH) hosted their third annual Overdoes Awareness Event this past Saturday at Revolution Church. Led by Eric Regan, President of 4DRH and Four County Peer Recovery Specialist and Gretchen Edge, Four County Peer Recovery Specialist, the event annually provides a platform for local members of the AA/NA Community to come together with community agencies that support sobriety and the journey to recovery, while raising awareness.

Sandy Lucas of Pulaski County Probation, kicked off the afternoon, by demonstrating how to use Narcan, an easy to use treatment available that anyone can administer to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Other presentations included the Zero Suicide Task Force and guest speaker Cathy Collins, Fulton County Jail Commander and former Logansport Police Department Detective. Collins highlighted the need for transitional and reentry assistance in the local jails and how important it is for those with addictions to seek out support and resources from those in the community. “Never be afraid to reach out if you need to talk or need support,” said Collins. Dave Wegner, the Director of Cass/Pulaski Community Corrections, also spoke regarding the importance of participating in peer recovery groups in the community and staying connected. Often, one of the keys to recovery is staying connected and knowing that you are not alone. Lastly, several testimonials were offerered by those in the local AA/NA community, including Fallon Murray, who was there to share her story and honor her son, who tragically died of an overdose last year.

4th Dimension Recovery Homes is committed to establishing recovery homes in Cass County and their mission is to “to create a clean, structured, and nurturing atmosphere that provides hope to individuals seeking recovery. We are devoted to providing a safe environment where they are free to grow, recover, thrive, help others, and re-enter society.” To learn more about 4DRH click here.

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